Know Which Frame Looks Best on You
Oval-Shaped Face

Oval-shaped face has the most balanced features among all face shapes. Its common features are high cheekbones, narrow rounded chin, and a slightly broad forehead. Typically, this type of face shape can wear any design of eye frame. But, there are still certain frame designs that further complement and enhance your already balanced features. Some frames that works best for oval-shaped faced are square, rectangular, cat-eye, butterfly, aviator or oversized.

Square and Rectangular Frames
Angel Fire Jakarta semi-side



Cat-Eye Frames


Miami - Side


Long-Shaped Face

Long-shaped face is often referred to as an “oblong” shape. Its common features are long and narrow face, pointed chin, and high forehead. Since being long and narrow are the defining feature of this type of face shape, you would want to wear frames that will add more definition or volume to your face. Try frames that are bold and tall, colored rims, decorated temple, tall, rectangular, square, or round.

Bold and Decorative Frames
Angel Fire Hong Kong Semi-side

Hong Kong

Angel Fire Beijing Semi-side


Round Frames
Angel Fire Barcelona Semi-side


Angel Fire Geneva Semi-side


Round Shaped Face

Its common features are full cheeks, round chin and jawline, face width and length are almost equal, and wide and round forehead. Try to avoid large round frames, and thin frames since this type of face already has enough width. Frames should not add more volume or width, but rather balance the shape of the face. Some of the best frames to use are angular, square, rectangular, or geometric.

Rectangular Frames
Angel Fire Prague Semi side


Angel Fire Berlin Semi Side


Square Frames
Angel Fire Berlin Semi Side


Angel Fire London


Square Shaped Face

A square-shaped face has an angular jawline, square or flat chin, and wide forehead. To even out its strong features, it is best to choose frames that will soften angular areas. Make sure that the frame width is slightly wider than your cheekbones. Round, oval, cat-eye, aviator, and butterfly frames are some of the most popular frame designs for a square-shaped face. Avoid frames that will add more angle, like square and geometrical frames.

Cat-Eye Frames


Angel Fire Miami


Oval and Round Frames
Angel Fire Singapore


Angel Fire Geneva


Heart Shaped Face

The most prominent features for this type of face shape are broad forehead, high cheekbones, and pointed chin. The widest part of the face is the forehead. Make sure to get frames that are slightly wider and will not draw attention to your forehead. The go-to frames that balances this feature are wayfarer, cat-eye, square, aviator, round, rimless, semi-rimless, and round.

Semi-Rimless Frames


Angel Fire Shanghai


Wayfarer and Square Frames
Angel Fire LA


Angel Fire Mexico


Diamond Shaped Face

Slightly rounded chin, long, narrow and tapered jawline, high and pointed cheekbones, and narrow forehead are the most distinguishing features of a diamond-shaped face. This shapes emphasizes the narrow eye line. Choose frames that enhances the eyes and soften the cheekbones areas. Recommended frames are semi-rimless, oval, cat-eyes, and frames with detailing on the brow line.

Cat-Eye Frames
Angel Fire Miami



Semi-Rimless Frames



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