State-of-the-Art Craftsmanship

Each pair of eyewear from Angel Fire is manufactured using a state-of-the-art technology combined with delicate and passionate touch of dedicated craftsmen. Each design and details reflect the rich culture and youthful spirit of Downtown Los Angeles.

Under the guidance of L. A. design studio, design concepts, sheets of the glasses, frame material, etc.  are carefully selected by skilled craftsmen to guarantee the highest design quality possible. Included in the process, is selecting perfect panel artwork, careful measurement, polishing and carving by master craftsmen before a final design is presented to you.


It is long process of research and comparison from design concept, to three-dimension drawing, and to the actual verification. Each design undergoes precision modification, and numerous experiments only to ensure we provide you with the best and the most suitable frames. After the design verification process, we employ panel material to manufacture and polish manually to create the three-dimensional realization of the design.

“From our vision, to reality.”


We do not use third-party manufacturers, making each eyewear 100% our own. Our manufacturing process ensures timely production, cost efficient, and consistent product design and quality. Each product is manufactured specific to the needs of our valued customer. We purchase the best raw acetate materials from Italy. All design details for each eyewear are personally handcrafted by our 150 master craftsmen, who are well trained and experienced with the processes’ strict requirements.

“Consistent processes to give you quality.”


After handcrafting the front frame and temples are put into the tumbling barrels full of peach wood, oil, and other natural components for 3 to 4 days. It tumbles or spins the frame and temple continuously to smoothen the surface and for a more comfortable feel. Tumbling barrels have different sizes and strengths for different tumbling grades needed.


“Continuous motion for your comfort.”


“Polished and finished with passion, care, and quality.”

The final assembly stage will be conducted after all parts are manufactured. Highly-skilled and trained team of technicians and engineers manually hand-polish, and inspect each eyewear to ensure the highest quality of care is applied. Finished products are inspected to guarantee the consistency of the design and quality, and have to undergo a series of tests to confirm every detail and avoid any flaws.